Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last day of January.

So it’s finally here, buried under a good 20cm of snow. Temperature is falling, each day a bit colder, each day a bit whiter. Suddenly the city got lighter, calmer, asleep. There’s something relaxing about watching the snow falling down, trees and roofs covered with cotton-like softness….

January is finishing. Just a few hours away from turning another page in the calendar. And that much closer to summer, to sun, longer days and more energy. 

...looking at the thermometer outside - temperature is still falling – an unpleasant reminder that winter is still here....

In the kitchen we have summer. Close your eyes, imagine that you’re somewhere warm, sitting at a cozy little beach restaurant and eating the very best:

Exotic and very tropical Curry w/tofu (or chicken)
serves 6ppl, prep time: 30min,

Tofu/2 Chicken Breasts

1 Onion

3cm piece of ginger

2 table spoons of curry
400grams of chopped tomatoes (canned, no seeds)
2 bananas (cut in rings)
1 mango (cut in pieces)

1. Chop onions and let sear in olive oil (medium heat) for 3-5min. Add crushed/finely chopped ginger and garlic, leave searing for another 3min. Add curry and mix.
2. * add tofu (cut in cubes) and let fry for another 3min
3. add tomatoes, coconut milk, chopped bananas and mango
4. bring to boil then leave cooking on low heat for 15min stirring from time to time.
5. add spices - in my case salt and cayenne for some extra hotness.

Serve over rice/ quinoa or potatoes.

*if you have time marinate the tofu in 2 table spoons of soy sauce mixed with 1 table spoon of water, finely chopped 1cm of ginger and 1 garlic clove. Leave in fridge for at least 30min before adding
Tofu can be replaced by chicken - same steps.
The recipe comes from January issue of French 'Elle à table', I just slightly adjusted the proportions. There's a lot of good inspirations so will definitely go back to it. In February that is.

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