Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is it summer yet...?

So how quick can all the saved up/relaxed mood run out? Quick. Too quick. I admit, I had tiny bit left walking this morning to the office, watching the sun slowly rising. Had it later this morning, planning all the good things winter time can bring.

And then after lunch, it run out! Minutes were passing very slowly, way too slow for a Wednseday afternoon. Two cups of coffee helped me stay awake, and then with my eyes half-open I started dreaming... summer.... and avocados.
It was this avocado dessert, and my Portuguese friend who introduced me to it, that helped me come up with the name for this blog. Green as avocado, because it's fresh, and I like green food a lot. And because it's just like summer!

Avocado Dessert
serves 4 ppl, prep time 5min

2 ripe avocados
1 lime
2 scoops of honey
4 cherries for decorations

1.Cut avocados in half, take the pulps out and then gently, using a spoon scoop them into a bowl, add lime juice and 2 spoons of honey and mash until almost smooth.
2. Place back into the peels. Place cherries on each for decoration. 

This dessert was my personal favorite all summer (and until today when I just day dream about summer). It's a quick and healthy option for a lazy afternoon, or any other time of the day.
The amount of lime and honey can be adjusted based on individual preferences.
Very refreshing. Very summer - even in January.

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