Saturday, March 10, 2012

Summer on the plate - olive & ricotta chicken

So, we are back. The bags are unpacked and things are making their way back to their accustomed places. Summer dresses, high filter sun lotions, books read while lazying on the beach, cables for all kinds of electronic items, snorkeling mask, coins from places we passed through.... Some things are going back to their old places on the shelves, others are new, still need to find their new location. In the background sounds of newly acquired chillout album accompanied by the noises of the washing machine, patiently going through the n-th load of laundry.

Traveling is an enriching experience. Apart from new cities, new people, new customs, we bring back something else - a new, refreshed way of looking at life. Traveling allows to step back and observe, take pictures and mental notes - in order not to forget.... And relax, breathe....

From this trip, apart from the sun-kissed tan, I brought my favorite items - cooking books and magazines. And that's what my Saturday was like - in the big white chair with a stack on the coffee table, a journey through different tastes and flavors. New ideas, new inspirations, many new posts.... 

Green olive and ricotta - stuffed chicken
prep time 20min, cooking 20min, serves 2

1 zucchini, finely chopped
1 tomato, seeded, finely chopped
2 crushed garlic cloves
2tbsp of olive oil
1/4 cup of ricotta
150grams of green olives, pitted and sliced
2tbsp of grated Parmesan cheese
1 egg
2 chicken breasts
salt, pepper, sweet paprika (to season)
4 toothpicks

1. Preheat oven to 230C. Combine zucchini, tomato, garlic and olive oil in a bowl. Put in fridge.
2. Combine ricotta, olives, Parmesan cheese and egg in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Make a small incision in each chicken breast, creating a pocket. Fill with ricotta mixture, season with sweet paprika and secure with a toothpick.
3. Cook chicken on a frying pan, toothpick side up, until lightly golden. Place in a oven proof dish and move to oven for 15min (until cooked)
5. Serve topped with tomato salsa.

The recipe comes from the Australian issue of Good Food magazine. Here served over quinoa and asparagus but it goes very good with just some green salad. It's definitely a summer recipe, or a nice reminder of our sunny vacation. And on the plate the tangy bitter olive taste is a prefect compliment to the sweeter notes of ricotta. Simply Good Food!
And what's for dessert?

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