Monday, March 12, 2012

Chocolate oatmeal balls

Weekend has passed too quickly again.
Friday can’t get here fast enough; in my mental calendar each weekday is seen based on its relation and distance to Friday. Wednesday is two units away from Friday, Thursday means almost weekend. And then suddenly it’s Friday 6pm, I’m almost skipping instead of walking. Just a tram way away from the weekend, patiently sitting and looking out of the window with many others like me – tired but with a tiny spark in their eyes – so called weekend happiness.
Nothing on the agenda, yet so much to do. Is it all going to fit into my weekend? Laundry, quick visit to the supermarket, chat with the neighbor in the staircase, phonecall to my best friend, walk by the lake, reorganizing the tall stack of papers, an afternoon with books and cookies, a lazy nap….? Shouldn’t Saturday and Sunday by law have more hours in them? Maybe then I would fit in them then an extra hour with the French vocabulary and some jogging…?
And suddenly, it’s Monday again. Sitting by the same computer, with a second cup of tea. Weekend still so close, I can almost feel the coziness of it, the sun sneaking through the gaps of the curtains, and the taste of the freshly baked chocolate oatmeal balls. So close yet so far already.....
Back to reality - with longing looks at the calendar on my desk – Monday, 4 days away from Friday, 4 early mornings before the solace of another weekend…..
Chocolate Oatmeal Balls 
prep time 15min, baking time 10min
130g of cane sugar
300g of rolled oats
125 g of butter
1 egg 
5 tbl spoons of milk
2 tea spoons of vanilla sugar
1 cup of flour (self raising or regular + a teaspoon of baking soda)
50 grams of dark chocolate

1. Preheat oven to 180C. Melt butter, sugar, and chocolate in a deep pot. Add rolled oats and stir until all liquid ingredients are well absorbed (about 10min on low heat)
2. When cooled off - transfer to a bowl with previously mixed flower and vanilla sugar. Add egg and milk, then stir until all well mixed together.
3. Roll little balls (use more flour if the consistency is too sticky) - the size of a big walnut, then bake for 10min.

The inspiration for this recipe comes from this blog. It’s one of those things that I’ve been longing for for years, without realizing it. And then I saw it and could almost taste it. I’ve altered the proportions; it somehow seemed more true to more childhood memories. The result – yummy! And I guess it’s a kind of healthy dessert with all the rolled oats…..

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